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Trade Signals

This Web-Based Application supplies the subscriber with Trade Signals indicating which side of the OPEN a stock will CLOSE on with a historical probability of 70-80%. To learn more about the Research found here please visit: Determining Daily Intra-Day Direction, is it Possible?
Fast Moves often come from False Moves - Coming Soon! - See what stocks are making Fast Moves to the Levels.

Monday, August 24, 2015 11:17:47 PM

Count LONG : 0
Count SHORT : 0
Count REVERSAL : 3 Count T: 1

*Reversals are not counted in Long and Short

SYMBOL Last Open High Low ML 1 MS 1 Direction Current Position ML 2 ML 3 MS 2 MS 3
EIX59.6861.8562.8159.3262.5761.13REVERSALReversal Below MS163.2964.0160.4159.69
KIM23.324.925.5723.2225.1124.69REVERSALReversal Below MS125.3225.5324.4824.27
PSA202.21206211.46201.09207.17204.83REVERSALReversal Below MS1208.34209.51203.66202.49