Auto Stats

Seeing is Believing?

How do you know if what you think you see is what you really see? The only way to know if what you are actually seeing is in fact real is to mathematically define a pattern and determine if it actually exists. No matter what the components, Volume, Price, Speed / Rate of Change, if it can be mathematically defined, it can be quantified.

Empowering the User

With the custom programming option, we empower the user to design, test, identify, and validate patterns that they create.

Historical Results - Calendar UNDER CONSTRUCTION Results available upon request - We are currently building an application to acccess the data.

Real-Time Signals

View the Intra-Day Momentum Method in Real-Time, using a Proprietary web-based application that signals when stocks have crossed the levels.

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Automated Stat Recording

Custom Programming Empowers the Researcher / Trader to design / develop intra-day approaches on their own.

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