Introduction to Intra-Day Analytics

QAT Systems, LLC strives to deliver intra-day analytics for US Equities and ETFs. The basis of our research includes the Intra-Day Momentum Method along with mathematically defined patterns that demonstrate a reasonable chance of success. Our goal is to help traders combine these probability-based levels and patterns with risk management and position sizing algorithms to help them become more profitable and risk-averse.

The Intra-Day Momentum Method – SP 500 (IDMM-SP500)

This research has been designed to determine the intra-day market direction. This method is applied to over 400 stocks from the S & P 500. Over the course of the past 5 years, the levels have demonstrated the following results.

The Intra-Day Momentum Method High Probability (IDMM SP500 HP)

This research points out stocks that have met conditions that have historically demonstrated a higher probability that they will close above the ML1 or below the MS1 levels. The stocks appear on this list during the day, unless conditions are met where they no longer meet the criteria, indicating that a directional close above/below the levels is less than 50%.

The Intra-Day Momentum Method – ETFs (IDMM ETFs)

This research applies The Intra-Day Momentum Level to a list of over 50 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

The Intra-Day Momentum Method High Probability – ETFs (IDMM ETF HP)

The IDMM High Probability is applied to over 50 ETFs.

Extended Levels High Probability

This group of stocks has reached a level that has consistently demonstrated that historically they had a greater than 50% chance of reaching the next level. The stocks in this research have not reached the next level as the research is updated continuously.