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IDMM -ETF Results October 21, 2020

All three market-based ETFs (DIA, QQQ, and SPY) reached the ML1 level up in early trading, shortly after 9:45 AM. All three for the second consecutive day had very deep pullbacks, testing the Low of the day. For the second consecutive day, all three closed below the Open of the day. Markets that have deep pullbacks are less likely to close above the ML1 level. Strong trending stocks do not have a tendency to pull back all that much.

The SPY tested the Downward Limit @ 342.43, this reduced the chance of a Close above the ML1 level significantly.

The DIA comes very close to reaching the Downside Limit @ 281.81 and closes below the Open of the day, for the second consecutive day.

The QQQ comes within .03 of the Downward Limit and closes below the Open, for the second consecutive day.

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