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IDMM-ETF Results November 18, 2020

The SPY reached the MS1 Level Down @ 359.18. This was the IDMM-HP signal. The SPY then rallied back up to 360.06. After the rally, it returned lower, reaching the MS2 Level @ 357.45 and closing below MS2 Level.

The QQQ reached the ML1 @ 293.21. This was not of the HP variety of the model. The QQQ then reached the MS1 Level in the last few minutes of trading. As discussed in the results from November 17, 2020, it appears that a ‘Fade’ is a more suitable trade in this scenario (Stocks/ETFs that do not meet the criteria for IDMM-HP) than a ‘Directional Trade’.

The DIA did not reach any level during today’s trading session.

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