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SPY, DIA, and QQQ Reach ML1 – Only the QQQ Closes Above It

All three ETFs reached the ML1 Level in Friday’s trading session. All three had confirmation from the daily direction. Only the QQQ was able to Close above the ML1 level. All three ETFs closed above the Open. This is a two day streak for the QQQ in terms of meeting and closing above that level.

SYMBOLLastOpenHighLowML 1MS 1DirectionCurrent PositionTrend
SPY388.67387.27390.64385.66390.03384.51LONGML Above OpenLong
QQQ295.35292.06296.75291.12294.63289.49LONGAbove ML1Long
DIA313.46313.5315.14312.17315.04311.96LONGML Below OpenLong

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